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Care Canada Enterprise was founded in 2001 by Wazi. Z. Khan with A.Z.Khan. Dr.Wasi Khan has published numerous papers on engineering consultancy and trade which is a division of Care Canada Enterprise that not only offers consulting services but import and export of machinery and goods too.

Our engineering services include the design, thermal analysis, stress analysis, troubleshooting across a wide range of industries including water purification (through RO desalination, softener), waste water treatment, power generation, combustors, air pollution monitoring and Petrochemicals.

We work in a team of multi-disciplined engineers to provide long-term engineering solutions.

Combustor Design
Design and analysis of High Temperature combustors used in power-generation.

Monitoring & control of Toxic gases
Design issues, preventative procedure, and problem solving.

Water treatment through desalination
Design and analysis of polyamide hollow fibre membrane

Waste water treatment
Photo catalytic degradation coupled with membrane biological reactor

Inspection and analysis of equipment and chemicals
Inspection carried out as per codes and standards
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